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We designed the KnowledgeCity eLearning platform with businesses in mind. We know that discovering new ways to make your business run smoothly likely remains a top priority for you. That’s why we blog so much about working more efficiently, creating better work environments, and working smarter, not harder.


The KnowledgeCity team stands committed to helping you reach your career goals. That’s why we work so hard to create fresh content for you that’s both simple and effective. With a few simple adjustments, you can get your business where you want it to be in no time. So if you’re ready to start getting more out of your work, continue on below to find our latest blog posts.


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Why Writing Better Job Descriptions Matters

Writing accurate job descriptions is one of the most important aspects of conducting an effective job search. The search for new talent is difficult enough as is and a poorly-written job description can leave...

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Leveraging Technology for Business Growth

Technological research giant Gartner, Inc. recently made a bold prediction in regards to the state of business technology moving forward. According to their hypothesis, the Internet of Things will save consumers and businesses $1...

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Clearing Up Office Clutter in 4 Steps

A messy office or workspace is more than just an eyesore—office clutter can damage your professional image, according to a study by OfficeMax. This study found that 40 percent of employees assume their messy co-workers...

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5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Employee engagement remains one of the primary factors in the success of a business. Unfortunately, only 32 percent of Americans are engaged in their work according to a Gallup poll. While this number has...

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The Benefits of a Shorter Work Week

Did you know that working less can actually make your organization more productive? According to a new study from Ohio University, a shorter work week can boost productivity in the workplace. In fact, the...

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4 Traits of a Positive Work Environment

Creating A Positive Work Environment Understanding the Effects of the Office While many view the 40 hour work week as standard, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average person in the U.S. actually...